SMS Alert Portable Stand-Alone Alarm - Single Barrel

SMS Alert Portable Stand-Alone Alarm - Single Barrel

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DIY - Portable alarm system with pepper gas.
Plugs into wall socket & operate – no installation.
4 cellphone users are notified via SMS when the alarm goes off. (first 4 users receive all SMS’s & another 4 users receive panic SMS’s only).
Includes pepper gas, one PIR motion detector, sound bomb siren, 1.2A battery & 2-button remote (for arm/disarm & panic).
Power Loss & Restore SMS notification.
System can be checked, armed and disarmed via SMS.
Listen-in microphone to verify adjacent noises.
It also includes: Additional 5 zones split into 2 partitions for expansion at a later stage.
The 2nd partition can be bypassed.
An additional relay output can be used e.g. to open/close a gate or switch a light on and off.
Airtime balance can be checked on the internet or via SMS.
Other functions: Walk-through test function & auto battery disconnect when battery is low.
Solar panel connector with regulator. Regulator already built-in.  
Unit can be used in your house, caravan, gun safe, freight containers, etc.
Use as a back-up alarm should intruders bypass your existing alarm.  
The pepper gas sprays 5 pulses at a time when it is set on automatic. It sprays 1 to 10 pulses when set on manual, depending on which message you SMS it. It can spray 20 pulses before the can is empty.

Optional  - 15 Hz LED strobe light for eye/brain irritation during night also acting as an emergency night light during power outages when movement is detected


Pepper Gas Slave unit available:

An enclosure with 1 passive, pepper gas & power supply for expansion into other rooms: R1 500 ex VAT. (excluding wire)

The pepper gas will either spray together with the master unit, or each slave unit can spray on its own.

Optional Extras:

Wireless indoor PIR's and/or Outdoor Roboguard PIR's.                 

Products can be customized e.g. with battery clamps and low battery notification for use where there is no electricity.