Guard Monitoring Alarm

Guard Monitoring Alarm

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Monitors security guards.

The system has 2 buttons.

The first button must be pressed every 30 minutes (by, for example, the guard), otherwise an SMS will be send to someone.

30 Seconds before the 30 minutes ends, a buzzer will go off to remind the guard to press the button.

If the second button is pressed, a 'Panic / Fire' SMS will be send.

The system has a built-in LCD, battery and power supply.

It needs 220AC and a SIM-card to function.

It can be mounted to a wall.

There is a key-switch at the side of the box, for activating and de-activating the system.

Has an auxiliary input for an external alarm, etc.

It reports to 2 users.  

Optional modification to above standard unit:

A system with up to 14 wireless remote points available.

  • Points must be pressed in sequence by guard. This will reset the guard monitor when all 14 have been pressed.
  • Price upon request.

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